Rodeham Moore Family

On October 28, 2006, members of the Moore Family visited Ararat, Virginia. Their tour included a visit to The Hollow History Center,

the Rodeham Moore Cemetery along the Ararat River and Laurel Hill, the birthplace of J. E. B. Stuart. Above, members of the descendants

of Rodeham Moore at the family cemetery on the Puckett and Smith land along the Ararat River between the Friends Mission and

Hunter's Chapel Road in Ararat. Below, Moore Family members with Raleigh and Shelby Inscore Puckett looking north along the

Ararat River towards the Rodeham Moore Cemetery on the land owned by the Guynn Family.

Below, the Moore Family with Shelby Inscore Puckett at the library cabin of The Hollow History Center in Ararat, Virginia.

Above, Joyce Browning telling the family history at the Rodeham Moore Cemetery.

Below, the Moore Family Cemetery on the left after cleanup and on the right before cleanup.

                                                            The Halls and the Pucketts cleaning the Rodeham Moore Cemetery in 2006.