The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Seven: From The Homeplace Road To The Crossroads


The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad continued along Clark's Creek from the Ararat River up to the Crossroads area of Ararat where the Squirrels' Spur Road/Unity Road crosses the Ararat Highway. Below Kenney Kirkman standing in a small washed out trestle near the Isaacs.



   The railroad crossed a feeder stream to Clark's Creek parallel to Blue Ridge School along Clark's Creek

Below left the railroad leading up to the trestle and below right after crossing the washed out area headed towards the Isaac land.

The Mount Airy and Eastern Railway continued on the high ground above Clark's Creek across the bottomland of Owen and Wanda Isaacs.

The flood control pond shown below obliterated any trace of the railroad from the Isaac's bottomland up towards Anthony and Estelle Terry's land along Clark's Creek. Below left Clark's Creek with the washed out trestle on the right. Further out the path the railroad left this roadbed in the tree line above the flood plane.

Clark's Creek gave us many scenic views as we followed the railroad and we met many friendly dogs like the two above at the Isaac property. Below left on the of  the many white stones that we came to believe marked the right of way for the railroad. Below right Kenney and our four legged friends walking down to the bottom land of the Isaacs. Tradition olds that a cemetery for members of the railroad building crew is in this area.

Anthony Terry's Land To The Crossroads

The map below shows the location that Anthony Terry found the rails on the property line of James and Charles Clement. This is also the location where Clark's Creek begins along the Ararat Highway, Virginia Route 773.

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Many times while following the path of the railroad we found single rails protruding from banks of the creek as shown above. Below, we reached the headwaters of Clark's Creek near the intersection of the Ararat Highway and Squirrel's Spur Road. We bid farewell to Clark's Creek and the Ararat River watershed and moved east into the watershed of the Dan River and Fall Creek that the Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad followed.

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