The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Six: From The Holly Tree Road To The Homeplace Road


The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad continued along Clark's Creek from the Ararat River up to the Crossroads area of Ararat where the Squirrels' Spur Road/Unity Road crosses the Ararat Highway. After crossing the big washed out trestle over Clark's Creek the railroad crossed the Holly Tree Road. Once over the road the railroad passed near a very large granite outcropping.                                   

Below left shows the cut left by the railroad after crossing the trestle over Clark's Creek and across the bottom shown below right.

The railroaded crossed the Holly Tree Road shown in the two photos above. Clark's Creek widens out in this area and beaver built a dam across it.


After crossing the Holly Tree Road the railroad continued along Clark's Creek shown above left and right. The large rock outcropping was visible to the railroad shown below.

The Dinky Railroad continued along Clark's Creek behind Nick and Janice Epperson's home in the King Family's bottomland.

The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad follows Clark's Creek above the flood plane just inside the tree line on the right of the King bottomland.

The Dinky Railroad continues along Clark's Creek across the land of Howard King across the Homeplace Road across the Culler Farm.

Above we believe the railroad followed this old road bed just out of the flood plain of Clark's Creek and crossed the Homeplace Road. Below we believe the railroad crossed the Culler Farm towards the Isaac's land.


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