The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Five: Clark's Creek To The Holly Tree Road




From the Bondurant Land the Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad "The Dinky" made its way across Dan Smith and Dwight Jessup's land shown above in maps near the intersection of Trucker Road and Pedigo Ridge Road continuing back and forth east along Clark's Creek toward


Above left we believe the railroad traveled along this farm road. Above right, Kenney Kirkman looking for signs of the railroad.

Below left the pasture which the railroad crossed and a beaver pond we found along Clark's Creek in our walks in search of the railroad.


Above a small wooded area connects the pasture on the Jessup property to the pasture headed towards the Holly Tree Road, which a washed out trestle connects over Clark's Creek. Trees grow in the trestle of the railroad as it once crossed the creek. Below  that Kenney Kirkman stands in the railroad bed beyond the trestle on the other side of the creek and the pasture looking towards the Holly Tree Road.


During our several winters tracking this railroad we never once ran into hostility or even an angry dog. We received help from everyone we asked along the way such as this: "There old rail road railing on our farm on Clark's creek, some were sold and others were deep in dirt sticking out of the creek bank around the bottom land. This property belongs to our brother Kenard Montgomery in Stuart, Virginia. There is a railroad cut behind Olen Puckett's house on the creek. My wife's Grandfather was killed there while working on the rail road. There are signs of the rail road on Leonard Bishop's farm, not sure if any tracks are left there. These properties can be located by the Holly Tree Rd. I hope this info is helpful. --Ozzie Montgomery Holden Beach ; North Carolina


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