The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Twelve: Kibler Valley


There are conflicting oral histories about the terminus of the railroad in Kibler Valley. Some say there was a turntable near the Danube Presbyterian Church and others believe there was Y-shaped turn around a WYE that allowed the train to turn around or possibly back up another line to a splash dam further upstream along the Dan River where logs were floated down for loading on the railroad.



The Dinky Railroad In Kibler Valley in Patrick County, Virginia.

Danube Presbyterian Church In Kibler Valley.

Danube Church Photos Courtesy of Barbara Bowman Clement.



History of the Pinnacles Hydro-Electric Powerplant

Reminiscing With Yeatts and Barnard About Kibler Valley

Backroads Tour Of Kibler Valley

Dan River Falls In Kibler Valley.

Above and below construction of the Power Plant in Kibler Valley.

Photos Courtesy of Barbara Bowman Clement.


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