The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Eleven: Up The Dan River To Kibler Valley


There were many conflicting stories about the route of the railroad that led us to believe that two spur lines came from Meadowfield. This page tells the route of the original spur that we believe followed the Dan River into Kibler Valley terminating near the Danube Presbyterian Church.

From the Zeb Stuart Scales Memorial Bridge, "The Dinky" hugged the western bank of the Dan River along the Primland Resort up to the present day Saw Mill Road. It then followed along the present day route staying just above the flood plane towards Kibler Valley.                                                       


Above the railroad bed are still visible along the Dan River from the Zeb Scales Memorial Bridge to the Saw Mill Road.

Below the terraced road bed is visible above the river near the bridge on the Saw Mill Road.

Above the railroad passed behind Anthony Terry's boyhood home and continued along the Dan River towards Kibler Valley.

Below the railroad shares the present day Saw Mill Road cut above the Dan River.

                                                            "The Dinky" across the Pack Property.




Kenney Kirkman walked across the Pack Property along the Dan River and took the above photos. Thanks to him and the Pack Family for allowing us to follow the railroad across their land.

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