The Mount Airy and Eastern Railroad

“The Dinky”

Page Ten: From The Dan River Up Bateman's Straight


There were many conflicting stories about the route of the railroad that led us to believe that two spur lines came from Meadowfield. This page tells the route of the latter spur that we believe followed the present route of the Ararat Highway up what we call Bateman's Straight.

We believe the railroad cut off the present day road to the left shown above where the red truck is situated and followed a path through the area shown below crossing the Kibler Valley Road and across towards the entrance to Primland today where the railroad terminated in a turntable inside the property.

The railroad hauled tanbark and lumber from this area to Mount Airy, North Carolina. Plans were made to connect the railroad to Stuart, Virginia, but they came to fruition although a survey was made.


The railroad crossed the Kibler Valley Road and made it's way across this valley to what is today the entrance to the Primland Resort.


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  The old road bed from Kibler Valley connected the turntable on the railroad before the modern road was built.

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